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Wanted: A Grisham Legal Thriller! 02/09/2010

Posted by PinoyMan in Alphaland Southgate Mall, Book Sale, John Grisham.

I love John Grisham’s legal thriller!  But lately some of his books have wandered into different territories.  The last Grisham book I’ve read was The Broker.  It’s more of a political thriller than a legal thriller.  I want the old Grisham!  The legal battles in the courtroom.  The great exchanges between opposing lawyers.  The ultimate triumph of good over lawbreakers!

And it seems that in one of his latest books, The Appeal, my wish has finally been granted!  I’ve already got the hardback of The Appeal and it’s proudly displayed in my bookcase.  But I also usually buy a paperback edition so I can read it in my travels, i.e., my MRT commutes.



1. nora - 02/25/2010

Just read it and loved it. But am I crazy or is the bad guy wining with Grisham he has alweas had a thing for huminizing the bad guy and at the end he seems to get his way, dont think I had notticed it till I was done with THE APEAL and Mr, Tardeu was celebrating in his big boat.

2. PinoyMan - 03/04/2010

i can’t wait to read this book!

3. ebookwisdom - 05/15/2010

What about Turnow’s new book Innocent? Anybody read it? Legal thrillers with real story work is so appealing to me.

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