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Great Book Discovery at Great Price 03/07/2010

Posted by PinoyMan in Book Sale, SM San Lazaro.
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Upon browsing the rows of shelves in Book Sale at SM San Lazaro, I chanced upon a hardback entitled The Crimson Petal and the White with a nice cover art, which just screams Victorian, with an equally attractive price of P38.  Surely, a price you cannot refuse.

Upon reaching home, I immediately googled the author, Michel Faber, and I could say that I’m quite happy with the results.  Here’s a nice profile from Bookreporter.com:

Michel Faber’s work has been described as a combination of Roald Dahl and Franz Kafka, as Somerset Maugham shacking up with Ian McEwan.

With regards to the book itself, here’s what Bookreporter.com has to say:

Michel Faber’s epic new bawdy and bold novel is a lusty romp through Victorian London… Faber writes in prose worthy of Victorian England, with a dry humor simmering just beneath the surface.

To behold a volume the size of THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE may appear a daunting challenge, especially recalling Dickens’ sagas of a few years earlier. But Faber’s audience will undoubtedly be so swept up in the tale that, by the novel’s somewhat abrupt end, they will look to the page after the last and wonder: Where’s the rest?

So I guess that sums it up.  The book is worth it not just because of the price but the content.  Too bad it’s too hefty that I cannot bring it to my daily MRT trips…

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1. Funandfearless - 08/09/2011

I got a copy from BookSale Megamall, too. And disappointingly found a better one at Cubao. It is a good book! So good BBC even made a miniseries out of it. ^_^

I will be staying tuned for your review of Faber. Enjoy reading!

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