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Another Series to Collect: The Baroque Cycle 03/12/2010

Posted by PinoyMan in Alphaland Southgate Mall, Book Sale.
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I have long wanted to read a Neal Stephenson novel, but somehow they prove to be elusive.  Some time ago, I found a Necronomicon hardback at Books for Less in SM Mall of Asia.  But it was so voluminous and expensive that I didn’t buy it.  Earlier, I also found an equally bulky hardback of Volume III of The Baroque Cycle — The System of the World at Book Sale, SM Fairview.

But now, I found another Neal Stephenson book at Book Sale, Alphaland.  It’s a paperback of Volume III of The Baroque Cycle — Odalisque.  I’m just wondering why the paperback of Volume III is now called Odalisque instead of The System of the World???


1. Anonymous - 09/08/2012

I started reading Neal Stephenson’s novels earlier this year after. I started with a soft copy of Snow Crash, then found Anathem in a NBS outlet in Vito Cruz, and Cryptonomicon and Reamde via Sulit.

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