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Collection of Conan Short Stories 02/14/2010

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A collection of short stories featuring that famous barbarian from Cimmeria?  Count me in!  Just seeing Conan in the cover is enough to get me pumped up for the adventure contained within its pages.

BTW, regarding the post I did last 02/02/2010 on how SF books got some of the coolest covers, I would like to add that fantasy books also have some of the best covers ever!

Books Turned to Movies: Solomon Kane 02/06/2010

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the movie...

... based from the book

I know that Robert E. Howard created Conan, my favorite barbarians of all time!  I also know that he created that other famous barbarian — Kull the Conqueror.  What I don’t know is that he also created Solomon Kane!  So when I learned about it, there is just no reason for me not to see Kane since I admire Robert E. Howard’s creations and visions.