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Second Foundation Trilogy Completed 01/30/2010

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After browsing the sale area at National Bookstore in SM Fairview, I chanced upon David Brin’s Foundation’s Triumph.  So remembering that I already got the first two books of the Second Foundation Trilogy (Gregory Benford’s Foundation’s Fear and Greg Bear’s Foundation and Chaos), I bought this last part, thus completing my Secound Foundation Trilogy collection.

BTW, here are the first two books in the Second Foundation Trilogy:

Finally, Dark Tower VII — The Paperback Edition 01/30/2010

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I’m so happy to discover a paperback edition of Stephen King’s Dark Tower VII at Book Sale, SM Fairview.  I have searched long and hard for a paperback edition of DTVII at Book Sale and National Bookstore to no avail.  But now my quest is over.  But this is no ordinary paperback.  This one’s HEAVY!  I’m thinking of buying a paperback edition so I can bring it and read it while travelling on the MRT or LRT.  But given the weight of this paperback, I might still not be able to bring it along with me.

Upon closer inspection of the book, it looks to have the complete illustrations of the hardback.  Although, the letters seem so tiny that it could be a burden to a reader’s eye.  All these aside, it’s a worthy addition to my Dark Tower collection.

Books Turned to Movies: Sherlock Holmes 01/23/2010

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the movie...

... inspired by the books

After watching Sherlock Holmes, I can’t help but reminisce my high school days where my friends and I were avid readers of Sherlock Holmes stories.  I always get a kick on how Sherlock would explain how he would arrive to certain conclusions based on his powers of deductions.

And the movie version did just that.  There are many scenes that Sherlock displayed his deductive powers and this is especially satisfying to old fans like me.  The last part in particular is an excellent display of how Sherlock solved the mystery of Lord Blackwood’s supposed resurrection and it was cleverly shown in flashbacks and replays as we hear Sherlock’s narration in the background.  Nice touch!

What really gave me the goosebumps is a certain shadowy figure which later was revealed as Sherlock’s old archenemy — Professor Moriarty!  I’m guessing that he will figure in a bigger part in the inevitable sequel.  I’m really so engrossed in the world of Sherlock that I think I’m writing with a British accent already 🙂

BTW, kudos to both Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law for bringing the parts of  Holmes and Watson to vivid life.  See you in part two!

From a New Author 01/21/2010

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Yesterday I didn’t buy The Ghost War by Alex Berenson when I saw it at Book Sale, Alphaland Southgate Mall since the author’s name didn’t ring a bell (although the cover art is somewhat striking!).

When I get home, I checked out some book reviews and that convinced me. Alex Berenson is indeed a new author but his first book is already a bestseller and have also won an Edgar award for best first novel by an American author. The Ghost War is his second book featuring the same protagonist, John Wells, a CIA agent.  So this book is part of a new hit series.

Earlier today, I went to Book Sale and eagerly bought the book without hesitation.

Time to review the 7 Habits 01/18/2010

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Finally, I was able to buy a book that I’ve been waiting for a long time.  I was able to find one in Book Sale, SM Fairview last year, but I didn’t buy it right away.  On the next day it was gone.  So this time around, when I saw another copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People at Book Sale, SM San Lazaro, I bought it right away!

1408 Movie Tie-in Edition of Everything’s Eventual 01/18/2010

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For other books, I don’t usually buy several editions.  But for Stephen King books, I make exceptions.  So the minute I saw the 1408 movie tie-in version of Everything’s Eventual at Book Sale, Alphaland Southgate Mall, I bought it right away.  Now, I have three editions of Everything’s Eventual.  The hardback, paperback and the movie tie-in edition.