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Another Great Series in the Making… 03/14/2010

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Just discovered Volk’s Game, the debut novel from Brent Ghelfi at the P99 Sale at National Bookstore, SM North EDSA.

According to Amazon.com, this book is about:

Former attorney Ghelfi’s impressive debut introduces a compelling antihero, Alekei “Volk” Volkovoy. A brutal killer maimed in Russia’s war against Chechnya, Volk leads two lives—one as a powerful gangster with a hand in virtually all underworld rackets, the other as a covert military operative. When Volk gets the chance to steal a previously unknown Da Vinci painting, Leda and the Swan, which has been concealed beneath another painting in a St. Petersburg museum, Volk enlists the aid of Valya, a beautiful assassin, in plotting the theft. After an ostensible ally sabotages the operation, Volk seeks vengeance. The twists and turns accumulate at an almost dizzying pace, building to a satisfactory resolution. Frederick Forysth fans will appreciate the crisp writing. This thriller could mark the start of a successful long-running series.

Seems cool to me!  Another potential great series to follow…

Book Review: The Ghost War by Alex Berenson 02/20/2010

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Alex Berenson’s The Ghost War is the first spy thriller book that I’ve completed reading.  I’ve tried to read several times before, mostly Clancy stuff like Rainbow Six and Without Remorse, but I almost always ends up abandoning them.  But this time it’s different.  The story just grabbed me and never let go till the epilogue.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post here, I’ve never known Alex Berenson before discovering The Ghost War.  But now that I’ve read it, I’ll be on the lookout for the next Berenson novel.  Actually, I’ve yet to read the first one, The Faithful Spy.  There were several references to the first novel but they were not a hindrance to the novel’s full enjoyment even if you haven’t read the first book.  It would be interesting for me to read The Faithful Spy since I will be now be able to connect the referenced events to the actual events.  It will be just like reading a prequel 🙂